A line of titanium art ‘paintings’

A line of titanium art ‘paintings’

I have crafted several titanium art pieces that are framed as paintings and embody the excitement of a new form of abstract art.

Titanium can be colored with an industrial process that can yield colors such as blue, green, yellow and even purple. The colors also have a glow which I enhance by a process of preparing the metal prior to coloring.

I was looking at titanium jewelry and the lovely colors that the material can take on. I then researched how to accomplish the colors on a larger scale that results in framed titanium panels that take on a glow of their own due to the surface texture of the material, coupled with a treatment that gives the opportunity of combining several colors on the same piece.

This medium employs what is most modern in our present day culture, demonstrates some of the different ways that light can interact with materials and yet resonates with elemental concepts of beauty for its own sake. If our long-ago ancestors used the local clays and ash to make cave paintings, what is more natural than for us to look at new materials in our daily life and turns those into art?

Most of the initial run of several art pieces has been sold out but more are planned.

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